Black Snake Moan

4. Black Snake Moan (2006) [Rated R for strong sexual content, language, some violence and drug use.]

summary from

A God-fearing bluesman takes to a wild young woman who, as a victim of childhood sexual abuse, looks everywhere for love, never quite finding it.

directed by: Craig Brewer

starring: Samuel L. Jackson, Christina Ricci, Justin Timberlake, S. Epatha Merkerson

Conservo-Libertarian Reviews: Christian reviews

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Abortion/Life Content:

Samuel L. Jackson: my daddy was one of the first mens in these parts to start a soil conservation group… they got a group of farmers together, every year they rotate the crops… know why they do that? keep the soil healthy… […] now, i done seen it in nature and i done seen it in men… you gots to change, rotate the crop… gotta have change, else that seed won’t take… hell, girl, you gotta cut that s### out… laying up under all them fools, ruttin on you like you some b#### in heat… like you somebody’s dog… a man or woman that enters into union with Almighty God in the sanctity of marriage, should not demean theyselves by bending to another’s will… hell, girl, is you crazy? i ain’t no saint… i ain’t saying i ain’t weak… i mean, playing guitar in them blood-bucket jukes all your life, a n##### learn how to sin… and i do got sin in me… i ain’t gonna lie about that… but I got respect! and all you got in you is bile! just bile! running around behind my back, whoring with my brother! killing my baby!

Christina Ricci: I just think you shoulda kept him off me, that’s all…

Kim Richards: What the hell are you talkin’ about?

Ricci: Now don’t do that, mamma… I will go along with all the crap you talk about me, but you can’t pretend no more on that… cause I was just a kid… I didn’t know about all that s### he was doing to me… and you let him do it… Some big nobody in your life… and you let him do whatever the f### he wanted! no, okay, all right… i’m sorry, mamma… i didn’t mean to shout… […]

Richards: all my life i’ve been putting out your fires while you been giving out your ###### to every wagging #### in this town! and now you’re gonna put the blame at my feet?

Ricci: mamma, if we can just talk about it… […]

Richards: i’m just not gonna take your s###… no, i’m not…

Ricci: you don’t have to say you’re sorry! just tell me how you knew!

Richards: the only thing i’m sorry for… is for ever listening to my parents and having you… and not doing what I should’ve done…

Samuel L. Jackson starts playing a blues song on the guitar for Christina Ricci while speaking the following:

I wanted me some kids, a whole mess of them. But for Rose, my wife, kids is for another time. Then one spring, I seened a change in her. Her breasts started swelling up. Couple of mornings, I hear her in the bathroom throwing up. I done seen it in other women before, so I knew. Then one day, Rose said she had to go to Jackson, visit her folks, and she ain’t wanted me to go, so I stayed here. You know how they talk about a woman having that glow? She didn’t have it no more. She done cut it out. Got rid of it. That voice in my head, every tme I think it’s gone, it comes howling back.

Calls me when I’m ailing, when I can’t find my way home. Lost in the pines. I calls it the Black Snake Moan.


Black snake all in my room.
Black snake all in my room.
Some pretty mama.
Better get this black snake soon.

Black snake is evil.
Black snake is all I see.
Black snake is evil.
Black snake is all I see.
Woke up this morning.
Black snake moved in on me.

here’s a youtube clip of the previous scene


from The A.V. Club:

Jackson sets about saving himself and exorcising his own formidable demons by rescuing Ricci from a life of sin and degradation. Their gradually improving relationship is contrasted with Jackson’s sweet, stumbling courtship of kindly pharmacist S. Epatha Merkerson, in a subplot that epitomizes the film’s surprising social conservatism. In Moan, promiscuity and abortion are the problems—Jackson is mourning the termination of his unborn child as much as the death of his marriage—and fidelity and marriage are the solution…

from Denver Westword:

For Lazarus (or Brewer), scrubbing this bad girl’s soul means not subjecting her to slavery so much as getting her to work in the kitchen, to sing “This Little Light of Mine” (no kidding), to appreciate a talking blues sermon about the hellfire horrors of abortion.

from The Faith Lab:

There’s hardly a character to be found here who is not fatally flawed in some way, all the way down to the cursing, drinking, preacher who doesn’t turn in the main character when he finds the chained girl and hangs out in sleazy blues clubs where people are carousing like crazy. At the end, however, this is a movie about redemption, and it tells the redemptive story in raw and powerful ways. The girl is in and out of her clothes because she was sexually abused as a child and knows no other way to live. Her husband can’t make it at anything because he has deep psychological problems that only she can seem to understand, and the town takes advantage of both of them. The “hero” had his wife leave him after running off to get an abortion without telling him, and he cannot get over the way this has shattered his life.

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