A Walk in the Clouds

24. A Walk in the Clouds (1995) [Rated PG-13 for moments of sensuality and war action.]

summary from imdb.com:

After returning from the war, Paul and a young woman meet on a bus as she’s headed home from college to help with the grape harvest and face her Old World domineering dad. The woman has not married but is pregnant and she thinks her father is going to kill her. Paul proposes to pose as her husband to help her face her father. When their passion for each other is finally ignited and explodes, they realize they must overcome all odds to be together.

directed by: Alfonso Arau

starring: Keanu Reeves, Aitana Sanchez-Gijon, Anthony Quinn, Giancarlo Giannini, Freddy Rodriguez, Debra Messing

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Abortion/Life Content:

Keanu Reeves: I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced. I’m Paul Sutton.

Aitana Sanchez-Gijon: Victoria Aragon. I’m sorry about the bus.

Keanu: Umm…

Aitana: I feel terrible. All the problems I’ve caused you. You should just keep going. Who knows what will happen to you next?

Keanu: There’s always the possibility of a forest fire, I suppose. Why aren’t you on the bus?

Aitana: My stop.

Keanu: You’re waiting for a ride.

Aitana: No. No. A miracle. He’s going to kill me.

Keanu: Who?

Aitana: My father.

Keanu: If you’re still worried about that picture…

Aitana: It’s not about the picture. Oh, G##.

Keanu: Well, look, it’s none of my business, but if you’d like to talk about it… “I was not meant for the conventions of this world, not meant to be tied down. I’m a free spirit.” Who’s a free spirit?

Aitana: My professor. He and I were… We… We were…

Keanu: I don’t think just because some free spirit broke up with you…

Aitana: I’m pregnant.

Keanu: Oh. You’re very upset. I can understand that. Definitely understand that. But, Victoria, look at the positive side. It’s a new life coming into the world. That’s a miracle in itself, right?

Aitana: “I will kill anyone who dishonors my family.” How many times has he said that? A hundred times, a million times?

Keanu: I’m sure it’s just a figure of speech.

Aitana: It’s not. My father means what he says. Always. He’s… He’s very old-fashioned. If I come home this way without a husband, he’ll kill me. I know he will.

Keanu: How about if you do show up with a husband?

Aitana: Who does what, comes for the day and then just leaves?

Keanu: Sure. Comes to meet the family, stays one night, leaves in the morning, writes a letter saying he’s…

Aitana: Abandoned me.

Keanu: It happens.

Aitana: You’re very kind for trying to help me. Maybe it might work… but… there’s nobody.

Keanu: Miss Aragon.

Aitana: Victoria.

Keanu: There’s me.

Aitana Sanchez-Gijon: Was it horrible, the fighting?

Keanu Reeves: Once the shooting starts, you just go blank. The trick was to get your mind on something else.

Aitana: What did you do?

Keanu: Write letters to my wife. In my head.Then later, I would write them down. About the war. About what I’d like our life to be like when I got home. The perfect little house, kids running around in the yard with the dog, great job.

Aitana: She must have cherished every word.

Keanu: Yeah, every word.

Aitana: You’re very kind to do this for me.

Keanu: And the baby. I’m doing it for the both of you.

Aitana: Then we both thank you.

Keanu: You’re both welcome.

Giancarlo Giannini: It’s not even your child she carries!

Keanu Reeves: It will be if she’ll have me.

Giancarlo: I… I’ll see you dead first!


from movieguide.org:

A WALK IN THE CLOUDS is a romantic tale of a young GI, Paul Sutton, who returns home to his bride of four years to discover they do not share the same dreams. He leaves his wife to find his dream but instead encounters Victoria, a vineyard owner’s daughter who is returning home to tell her domineering father, Alberto, she is pregnant and unwed. Paul agrees to pose as Victoria’s husband. During the harvest, Paul and Victoria’s passion ignite, yet Paul refuses to let the relationship go any further because he is still married. Alberto becomes increasingly suspicious of the two, questioning whether they are really married. At the harvest celebration, Alberto lays his doubts aside and demands a proper church wedding that evening. In disgrace, Victoria is forced to reveal the truth to her bewildered family. Paul returns to his wife, and discovers she has attained an annulment. He rushes to Victoria’s father for her hand in marriage.

In this film, adultery is not an option, but honor, respect and God’s blessing of a marriage are a necessity. This is refreshing because Hollywood usually shows free sex and broken vows. A WALK IN THE CLOUDS, offers a look at a strong moral Christian family where God and family are of utmost significance.

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