Lightning Bug

13. Lightning Bug (2004) [Not Rated]

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A drama/thriller, set in the South, about a young boy who longs to escape the misery of his childhood and the misunderstanding of his hometown

directed by: Robert Hall

starring: Bret Harrison, Laura Prepon, Hal Sparks

Non-Conservative Reviews

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Abortion/Life content:

Shannon Eubanks: How long have you known about this? Is it him?

Laura Prepon: [breaks into tears] Mobile. I’ve known since the Mobile.

Shannon Eubanks: One more broken promise. We have a long drive ahead of us. You made your bed, dear. Now it’s time to lie in it. Poor choice of words.

[camera pans down to reveal a pregnancy test showing a “plus sign”]


from an commenter:

Well her mom said,”We have a long drive.” I was thinking she took her out of town to get an abortion.

from a review at

In the Bible Belt, people just don’t understand gore. That’s what budding effects makeup creator Green Graves (Bret Harrison of “Grounded for Life”) has learned from living in the rural South, where his love of B-grade horror flicks and latex monsters is beyond most of the staid, conservative residents. His neighbors think the seventeen-year-old should apply for a job at the local chicken factory, but it’s obvious Green doesn’t belong there, or even anywhere near Alabama. (Harrison, doing an otherwise fine job, plays the role with little-to-no Southern accent.) Green spends his time creating professional-quality makeup effects in his family’s tiny trailer with no more formal training than reading Fangoria religiously and renting blood-soaked videos.


As a part of his plan to put together a portfolio to wow Hollywood, Green convinces Tightwiler (played by Bob Penny), the kindly old man who organizes the town’s annual spookhouse, that some of Green’s homemade monsters are just what the event needs. Tightwiler agrees, putting Green in charge of running the haunted house. But some in the small town, like Angevin’s intolerant zealot of a mother (played by Shannon Eubanks) and the other members of the Holy Calling of the Southern Saints, are opposed to the “satanic” imagery of Green’s creations. When Ms. Duvet arrives to convince Green of his evil ways, Green tells her, “Get the hell out of here.” “I intend to,” she replies ominously.


When Green and Angevin have sex on a pew in her mother’s church, it’s not just an attack on religious zealotry, but an unprovoked and unsupported assault on religion in general…

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