Jesus’ Son

29. Jesus’ Son (1999) [Rated R for graphic drug use, strong language, sexuality and some violent images.]

summary from

A young man turns from drug addiction and petty crime to a life redeemed by a discovery of compassion.

directed by: Alison Maclean

starring: Billy Crudup, Samantha Morton, Michael Shannon, Denis Leary, Jack Black, Greg Germann, Will Patton, Miranda July, Dennis Hopper, Holly Hunter, Mark Webber

Conservo-Libertarian Reviews:
James Bowman

A Trailer

Abortion/Life Content:

Billy Crudup narration: I was 24… 25… or something like that. My fingertips were all yellow from smoking. We’d come to Chicago because Michelle was with child.

small group of abortion protesters: Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women. Blessed is the fruit of thy womb. Holy Mary mother of God.

[Billy Crudup and Samantha Morton walk through protesters and enter clinic]

Billy narration: There was nothing stopping Michelle and me from having the baby, except ourselves.

Carol Florence: Name?

Samantha Morton: Sorry I’m late. Michelle. Michelle. My appointment was at 3:30.

Carol: Mmmm.

Samantha: Somewhere around there.

Carol: Here you are. Come with me, hon. Let’s get you settled.

Carol to Billy: You can’t just stand there.

Billy: Then I’ll go sit down over there.

Carol: That’ll be fine.

Billy: I know that’ll be fine.

Carol: Or you can watch the film.

Billy: What’s the film?

[film narration:] Vasectomy is a very simple procedure. It’s performed right here in the office setting, as a rule. It is intended to be a permanent type of sterilization. And I would hope that that’s what you have in mind. If you are not satisfied that this is…

Billy: I’m not ever getting anybody pregnant again. I know that much.

Ron Van Lieu: Would you like to make an appointment?

Billy: Would you like to give me the money?

Ron: It won’t take long to save the money.

Billy: It would take me forever to save the money.

[Billy fiddles around in the waiting room with a small model of the female reproductive system]

Carol: Michelle is comfortable now.

Billy: Is she dead?

[Billy enters Samantha’s room:]

Billy: How are you feeling?

Samantha: I don’t know.

Billy: What did they stick up you?

Samantha: What? WHAT?

Carol: Hey, okay, out of here.

Billy: Just… just give me a minute… I’m sorry. Maybe we could… maybe we could try again?

Samantha: Something is wrong with you.

Carol: This man needs to leave the building.

Billy: I just, um… There…

Carol: Wait outside, please, sir.

[a guy comes and pulls Billy out of the room]

Billy: There just wasn’t enough time.

Carol: You wanna go wait outside, sir?

Billy: yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. yeah, YEAH, yeah, yeah, yeah.

[man escorts Billy through the protesters]

Billy: yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

[Samantha starts shrieking and then crying]

Billy narration: The Catholics splashed holy water on my cheek, and on the back of my neck, and I didn’t feel a thing. Not for many years.


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