The Coast Guard

30. The Coast Guard (2002) [Rated R for strong violence, a graphic sex scene and language.]

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At South Korea’s border with the North, troops guard the coast. Each bullies those ranking beneath him; tensions are high. PFC Kang and his friend Private Kim are on patrol when drinking youths jeer them. Two nights later, Kang follows orders, opening fire at a person who has infiltrated the border zone. It proves to be a young man, one from the earlier encounter, on a drunken tryst with his girlfriend, Mi-yeong. Kang is commended, yet horrified. Mi-yeong is unhinged. Kim tries to hold onto friendship, duty, and his humanity. While Kang retreats into bizarre behavior and violence, Mi-yeong becomes easy prey to soldiers.

directed by: Ki-duk Kim

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Abortion/Life Content:

[Ji-a Park has gone insane after witnessing her boyfriend getting shot up and blown up in front of her… She now spends her days dragging fish along the beach for walks and hanging around the military guys, calling each of them by the name of her dead boy friend… She sleeps with a good percentage of these men… the fact that a good number of these guys have taken advantage of her state and slept with her has just been uncovered:]

Man 1: Sons of b####es. [each guilty man is lined up and slapped] You b######! You b######! You f###### b######! Sons of b####es!

[the men are made to run around the ocean]

Man 1: Are you satisfied now? Let’s end it here. And don’t go to the MPs.

Man 2: And the baby?

Man 1: Don’t worry. I’ll make sure she doesn’t get hurt.

Man 2: You also did it, huh?

Man 1: What?

Man 2: Tell me the truth, if you want to end it.

Man 3: Hey, Corporal Jang. Move away.

Dong-gun Jang: You b######.

Man: You can do it, right?

Another man: But i’ve never done a gynecological surgery.

Man: Just do it. Tonight at guard post 26. Got it?

Another man: Yes, sir.

A different man: You can’t.

Man: You b######. It could be my kid or yours!

A different man: But you can’t do this! This is wrong!

Man: You b######. Wanna see all of us go to detention? Corporal Jang, go get her.

[the men chase after her and bring her to what I can only guess is “guard post 26”]

[She’s forced down.]

Various men: Wait. Do it. There’s no anesthetic. Just do it. Get away from here! You can’t! Stop! Take him to guard post 25. Platoon Leader! Let go, Private Yoon. It could be your kid. That’s why we’re doing this. Let go! Private Kim. Let go! Let go! Please calm down. We’re scared, too. Get out of my way! Haven’t you finished yet? I’m almost done. Please stop it! It’s already done. Finished, right? I’m sorry, Private Kim. Private Kim, we know how you feel. We’re going crazy, too.

[she sits up and screams… then goes and sits down in a fish tank, her blood reddening the water…]


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