21 Grams

33. 21 Grams (2003) [Rated R for language, sexuality, some violence and drug use.]

summary from imdb.com:

A freak accident brings together a critically ill mathematician, a grieving mother (Watts) and a born-again ex-con.

directed by: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

starring: Sean Penn, Naomi Watts, Benicio Del Toro, Danny Huston, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Eddie Marsan, Melissa Leo, Clea DuVall, Paul Calderon, Catherine Dent

Conservo-Libertarian Reviews:
James Bowman
Nehring The Edge
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A Trailer

Abortion/Life Content:

John Rubinstein: All right. You can get dressed now. Your Fallopian tubes are severely damaged. It, uh, looks like you had some kind of an infection… that, uh, wasn’t taken care of properly. We can try surgery, but I have to tell you, I think, uh, the probabilities are pretty slim. Look. Excuse me for asking this, but it’s important that you tell me the truth. Have you ever had an abortion?

Charlotte Gainsbourg: Yes.

John: Any reason?

Charlotte: I had already separated from my husband when I got pregnant, and…

John: No. I meant a medical reason.

Charlotte: My husband’s dying.

John: I’m sorry?

Charlotte: Paul, my husband, he’s dying, and I want to have his baby.

John: We can operate then and hope you get pregnant within three or four months.

Charlotte Gainsbourg: I went to a fertility clinic.

Sean Penn: Oh good, more doctors. Mary, I can’t have this discussion again.

Charlotte: No, this is a… this is a specialist. He said that with surgery, I might get pregnant. You need to donate sperm and then…

Sean: Mary, no.

Charlotte: I could take care of him.

Sean: But I can’t. So what’s the point?

Charlotte: This is what I most want in the world. Do it for me, please.

Charlotte Gainsbourg: I also have an announcement to make. I wanted to tell you that Paul and I are going to be parents.

various party guests: That’s great. There’s a scary thought… Paul being a parent. You kept this real quiet. Have you told your parents yet?

Charlotte: We’re going to be parents. We just don’t know when yet. I’m going to have an operation, and then we’re going to try artificial insemination.

Sean Penn: Why did you tell everybody we’re having a baby?

Charlotte Gainsbourg: I wanted to share our plans with them.

Sean: That’s what I mean, they’re our plans. Why does everyone have to know our private life?

Charlotte: Why the fuss? They’re our best friends.

Sean: Yeah, but we haven’t even talked about it.

Charlotte: Oh, we haven’t? I thought this was more than settled.

Sean: Things change, Mary. Something we have to think about.

Charlotte: I don’t have anything to think about. I’ve already made my decision. Would you help me with the glasses?

John Rubinstein: Okay, now, we can schedule the surgery, um, I could get you in as early as Monday.

Charlotte Gainsbourg: Yeah.

John: 9:00 a.m.?

Sean Penn: What’s the percentage chance that Mary will get pregnant?

John: Well, I can’t offer you a real number on that. Um, you know, there’s the damage from the abortion… that wasn’t handled properly… the blockage…

Sean: What abortion? What abortion, Mary?

Charlotte: I can explain.

Sean: Explain what?

Charlotte: There is an explanation.

Sean: Uh-huh. All that drama about artificial insemination. Kids’ names. You got pictures of our friends’ babies all over the place. Why? So you can flush it down the f#####’ toilet? We’ve been a fraud for a long time, Mary.

Charlotte: Oh, yeah? Why didn’t you tell me that when you were sick, huh? Or did you expect one of your girlfriends to come and take care of you?

Sean: You came back because you wanted to. Don’t blame me for that.

Charlotte: I came back to take care of you because I love you.

Sean: Or because you were feeling lonely. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I can’t keep going like this. The insemination, the child. It’s like we’re trying to put a Band-Aid on something that’s just been bled dry. It’s finished.

Charlotte: But it– it isn’t finished if we give it a chance and have this baby.

Sean: When we could have, you didn’t want to.

Charlotte: We were separated, g###### it! It’s different now!

Sean: Yes, it’s different. We gonna go?

Charlotte: You only know how to think about yourself.


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