Clerks II

39. Clerks II (2006) [Rated R for pervasive sexual and crude content including aberrant sexuality, strong language and some drug material.]

summary from

A calamity at Dante and Randall’s shops sends them looking for new horizons – but they ultimately settle at Mooby’s, a fictional Disney-McDonald’s-style fast-food empire.

directed by: Kevin Smith

starring: Brian O’Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Ethan Suplee, Ben Affleck, Rosario Dawson, Kevin Weisman, Jason Lee, Wanda Sykes

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Abortion/Life Content:

Trevor Fehrman: Well, cause at Bible camp, we made this flow chart which, I mean, I don’t know, kind of, like, proved or whatever that… well, okay…

Jeff Anderson: Bible camp?!

Trevor: Since God created… Since God created man, and man created the Transformers… the Transformers are like a gift from God, Randal.

Jeff: No, sir. They are not a gift from God. They are an unholy curse from the beast we call the desolate one.

Trevor: I don’t really want to hear this, Randal.

Jeff: The first of the fallen, the spoiler of virgins, the master of abortions.

Trevor: You know I don’t like to talk about dark forces, Randal.

Brian O’Halloran: I love you, Becky.

Rosario Dawson: I’m pregnant, Dante.

[scene change]

Brian O’Halloran: I’m having second thoughts.

Jeff Anderson: About your sexuality?

Brian: About going to Florida.

Jeff: Yeah, right. Why now all of a sudden?

Brian: Becky’s pregnant.

Jeff: She is? Huh. So, what, are you afraid you’re gonna miss the baby shower?

Brian: I’m the father. […]

Jeff: How the #### did you father a child with a chick that’s not your fiance?! […]

Brian: I don’t know what to do.

Jeff: What did Beck say?

Brian: She says she wants to have it.

Jeff: Oh, my ###, so she wants you to break it off with Emma and marry her?

Brian: No.

Jeff: She’s gonna tell Emma?

Brian: No.

Jeff: Wait a second… then what’s the problem?

Brian: Are you that dense?

Jeff: I’m serious. If Becks isn’t busting your ##### about it, what’s the big deal? You could still go down to Florida and live happily ever after.

Brian: Knowing I have a love child up in Jersey?! […]

Brian: Listen, you can never tell anybody about this.

Jeff: Who am I gonna tell?

Brian: I’m serious, Randal! And not just for me. Becky says she doesn’t want anybody to know. […]

[Rosario Dawson comes angrily through the door:]

Rosario: Can I talk to you for a minute?

Brian: Oh, yeah, sure… uh, we were just…

Jeff: May your first child be a masculine child.

[Rosario leaves angrily]


[Rosario Dawson parks her car next to a “Women’s Clinic” and looks deep in thought]

[Brian O’Halloran parks next to a family-style restaurant and looks fondly at a little girl through the window… they both wave]

[Brian O’Halloran drives up to Mooby’s drive-through and gives Rosario Dawson an engagement ring]

Rosario: That’ll be $5.79

Brian: I mean… I… I know you don’t believe in romantic love.

[Rosario happily climbs into car with Brian]

Brian: Is that a yes?

Rosario: What took you so long?


from an interview with Rosario Dawson in Esquire magazine:

I ask her about her childhood–perhaps a tamer topic than her anatomy. In true Biblical form, Dawson starts at the beginning–right at conception.

“I was conceived on Avenue X in Brooklyn with a prison condom that broke,” she says (a prison condom being a condom they give you when you leave prison, just to clarify). “My mom was ready to get an abortion. She was at the clinic, had an appointment. And then she says she felt me move, and she fell in love with me right then. But I was just a speck, so it wasn’t me moving. It was probably gas.”

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