Anti-Abortion sources:

Gerard Baker:
You won’t see Termination 2 at the movies
Liberal Hollywood shies away from abortion

Peter Chattaway:
Pregnancy and “the a-word” at the multiplex

Pro-Life Cinema
2007 featured a surprising number of films affirming the sanctity of life.

By Mark Moring | posted 2/20/2008

What It’s All About
Hollywood now handles abortion with breezy self-righteousness. It didn’t use to.


‘Bella’ and the Pro-Life Film Trend
by L. Brent Bozell III


Pro-Abortion sources:

Write No Evil:
Abortion in the Movies
Another Unwanted Pregnancy Movie

Depicting Choice: Pregnancy and Abortion in Film

Eve Kushner:
Go Forth and Multiply
Abortion in Hollywood Movies of the ’90s
In spite of what you’ve heard, abortion was not an option in that decade’s mainstream Hollywood cinema

Ann Hornaday:
Pregnant With Meaning? Alas, We Were Expecting More.

The Politics of ShmashmortionKnocked Up as litmus test.
By Dana Stevens

You Can’t Do That On Television
The Conspicuous Absence of Abortion on TV

By Rachel Fudge

Abortion at the movies
“Cider House” fails where “High Fidelity” rules.

May 15, 2000 By Audrey Fisch

Knocked Up’ Bans Abortion from Script
“Knocked Up” is about a woman with an unintended pregnancy that could wreck her career. So why is the possibility of an abortion expurgated from the script? Sandra Kobrin sees anti-choice propaganda at a cinema near you.

By Sandra Kobrin

“I’ve been making the rounds of “Smushmortion” Cinema.”
by Susie Bright

Changing the script on teen pregnancy
by Ellen Goodman

Chris Knight:
Hollywood’s real hot potato

Abortions in Film
by Ezra Klein

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