Silver City

49. Silver City (2004) [Rated R for language.]

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The discovery of a corpse threatens to unravel a bumbling local politician’s campaign for governor of Colorado.

written/directed by: John Sayles

starring: Chris Cooper, Richard Dreyfuss, James Gammon, Danny Huston, David Clennon, Mary Kay Place, Tim Roth, Thora Birch, Maria Bello, Miguel Ferrer, Billy Zane, Michael Murphy, Kris Kristofferson, Daryl Hannah

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Danny Huston: There’s a perception that you might have it in for the candidate.

Miguel Ferrer: There’s more than a perception. I let the little snot have it with both barrels at least once a broadcast. They think they can get me to back down by investigating me?. He’s wishy-washy on right to life. He’s got no plans for dealing with this alien invasion we’re in the midst of. You go to Pueblo, English is the second language, if not the third. He’s a draft dodger and a mama’s boy and a dimwit. If he wasn’t running against a known communist, I’d run him out of the state.

Denis Berkfeldt: We’re talking about murder. The murder of innocents.

Chris Cooper: There’s a limit to what I can do on this, Billy. It’s the kind of issue that attracts a lot of people to the polls… who wouldn’t ordinarily vote.

Denis: If you were to take leadership on the issue… throw the full force of your office behind it…

Chris: If you can get it on a referendum.

Denis: I honestly don’t think it would pass… not in the secular climate we live in. But when Moses found the children of Israel prostrate before the golden calf, did he call for a referendum? No, he did not.

Richard Dreyfuss: Excuse me, Reverend Tubbs. We need him.

Denis: We’re discussing the children of Israel.

Richard: We must obey the 11th Commandment: “Thou shalt not keep the press waiting”

Daryl Hannah: Fifteen years old, I’m pregnant… the f###### Mountain Monitor outs me. “Senator’s Daughter In College Sex Scandal”

Danny Huston: It was before my time.

Daryl: The whole thing was set up. Fly to Nevada, nice, quiet operation, back to school within a week.

Danny: You could still have had a…

Daryl: Public abortion? With the Christian crusaders block-voting for my father?

Danny: So he advised you not to.

Daryl: I was a hopeful.

Danny: A hopeful?

Daryl: Yeah. Olympic hopeful. Figure skating. Nine months carrying Dewey Junior… another four to recover. My body wasn’t the same. Your center of gravity changes… and you can’t do the jumps. That’s what happened to Tonya Harding, you know. It wasn’t Nancy Kerrigan. It was her center of gravity. You mature, your perception changes… and you never get it back.

Chris Cooper: This is a nation based on Christian principles. What I promise to work for… is a government that respects those principles. A government that supports traditional family values… that respects the sanctity of human life. A government strong enough, brave enough… to maintain the cultural equilibrium.


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