A View To A Kill

61. A View To A Kill (1985) [Rated PG]

summary from imdb.com:

An investigation of a horse-racing scam leads 007 to a mad industrialist who plans to create a worldwide microchip monopoly by destroying California’s Silicon Valley.

directed by: John Glen

starring: Roger Moore, Christopher Walken, Tanya Roberts, Grace Jones, Patrick Bauchau, Alison Doody, Desmond Llewelyn, Dolph Lundgren

A Trailer

Conservo-Libertarian Reviews:

Abortion/Life Content:

David Yip: His real name is actually Hans Glaub, a German pioneer in the development of steroids.

Roger Moore: Well that ties in with the horse injections.

David: During World War II, he experimented with steroids on pregnant women in concentration camps in an attempt to enhance intelligence.

Roger: With any success?

David: Virtually every mother aborted, although a handful of children were produced with phenomenal IQs. But there was a side-effect: they were psychotics.

Roger: Why wasn’t this Mortner or Glaub tried by the War Crimes Commission?

David: The Russians grabbed him. Set him up in a laboratory. He spent years developing steroids for their athletes, then dropped out of sight about 15 years ago.

Roger: About the same time Zorin came over to the West.

David: Could Zorin be one of the steroid kids?

Roger: He’s definitely the right age, and he’s certainly psychotic.


from The Bond Film Informant:

The villain: Max Zorin, a leading industrialist and supposedly a staunch anti-Communist with strong connections with the French government. It was believed that he was born in Dresden and fled East Germany in the 60s, claiming has French citizenship. He made his first fortune in oil and gas before moving into electronics and microchips. However, there is more to Zorin’s background than this. He is actually the product of one Hans Glaub, a German steroid pioneer who experimented on pregnant women in the Nazi concentration camps during World War II. Most of the women aborted but some gave birth to children, including Zorin, with incredible IQs but with the side effect of being pyschotic. Following the war, Glaub was offered sanctuary by the Russians where he worked on steroids for their athletes. In the 60s he went to the West with Zorin, who he seems to treat as a son, taking on the identity Dr Carl Mortner. Zorin himself was actually a KGB agent installed into the world of Western commerce. This has allowed the Russians to gain details on a new microchip being developed in Britain that is impervious to the electromagnetic effects of a nuclear explosion. Unfortunately, Zorin developed too great a taste for capitalism and turned his back on the KGB in order to develop his own Project Main Strike, a plot to destroy Silicon Valley and increase the value of his own companies.

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