Running Scared

62. Running Scared (2006) [Rated R for pervasive strong brutal violence and language, sexuality and drug content.]

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After a drug-op gone bad, Joey Gazelle is put in charge of disposing the gun that shot a dirty cop.

directed by: Wayne Kramer

starring: Paul Walker, Cameron Bright, Vera Farmiga, Chazz Palminteri, Elizabeth Mitchell

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Conservo-Libertarian Reviews:
James Frazier

Abortion/Life Content:

Vera Farmiga: Get out of here, Mila. You know? Go to a shelter. I can get you an address.

Ivana Milicevic: You don’t understand. I belong to him.

Vera: No. No. No, no, I don’t understand.

Ivana: I was prostitute in Moscow. Yugorsky Escort Service offered to bring girls over with promise of big bucks. We would owe 50 thousand dollars. You know, pay back through work. I take offer. Not tell them I’m pregnant. When they find out, they insist I have an abortion. I tell them no. They send Anzor to kill me. Anzor’s not a killer. He’s not… a hard man like big Yugorsky. (Sighs) He thinks… he thinks he’s John Wayne. Wants to do right thing. He goes against his uncle, and tells big man Yugorsky he will pay off my debt. His uncle refuses… and tells him… he will send others to kill me. Set example. So Anzor make me wife. Big man Yugorsky can’t kill his nephew’s wife. But he… tells Anzor to leave Little Odessa. He’s no longer working for Yugorsky family.

Vera: I’m gonna get you the name of a shelter.



Back at home, Teresa tries to convince Mila to go to a shelter. Mila tells her that she was a prostitute in Moscow who was brought over by Yugorsky. She became pregnant and refused to have an abortion, so Yugorsky sent Anzor to kill her. Instead he married her in order to give her protection.

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