The Crime of Padre Amaro

73. The Crime of Padre Amaro (2002) [Rated R for sexuality, language and some disturbing images.]

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Politics and sexual passions threaten to corrupt a young, newly-ordained priest in a small Mexican town.

directed by: Carlos Carrera

starring: Gael Garcia Bernal

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Gael Garcia Bernal: Amelia! I need to talk to you. We have to find another place.

Ana Claudia Talancon: I’m pregnant.

Bernal: Are you sure?

Talancon: Is that all you can say to me?

Ana Claudia Talancon: We have to talk about my pregnancy.

Gael Garcia Bernal: Have you told your mother?

Talancon: No one. I don’t know what to do. I can’t think.

Bernal: You could go to Villa Aldama. Stay there nine months and put the baby up for adoption.

Talancon: Is that what you want? For me to give my baby away?

Bernal: Listen to me, Amelia. I’m a priest. I can’t jeopardize my priesthood. Besides, you knew that from the beginning.

Talancon: No! I’ll have my baby here! I don’t care if everyone knows it’s yours!

Bernal: Don’t say stupid things.

Talancon: It is yours!

Bernal: Shut up, you dumb b####! Shut up! Shut up! Forgive me. Forgive me. Forgive me.

Talancon: Ruben is here.

Bernal: Ruben your boyfriend?

Talancon: He’s working in Mexico City. He came to see his father.

Bernal: Have you seen him?

Talancon: Maybe he’ll want to marry me.

Bernal: Would you like that?

Talancon: To save my baby, I would do anything.

Gael Garcia Bernal: Listen, I heard in confession that you know a doctor… A doctor, I don’t know… One of those who does…

Luisa Huertas: Does what, Father?

Bernal: Brings children into the world. And also…

Huertas: …The girl is pregnant?

Bernal: No.

Huertas: What you want is an abortion, Father.

Bernal: I don’t know if this is enough.

Huertas: No, it takes a lot more. But don’t worry. We’ll settle up later. First let me see. Yes. I’ll let you know in time. God bless you, Father.

Gael Garcia Bernal: Can I ask you a moral question?

Damian Alcazar: Well, I don’t know a lot about moral theology, but… Ask away.

Bernal: What do you think about abortion?

Alcazar: We don’t have that problem around here. But in your parish you do, huh? I don’t know. In some cases, one would have to consider it.

Ana Claudia Talancon: What you told me over the phone, I thought about it.

Gael Garcia Bernal: No. No. Think about it more. You have to do it of your own free will.

Talancon: Heaven purify my soul. My spirit is filled with emotion when I contemplate the blessings of my Lord. You have shed your light on your servant…

Bernal: Grant me a miracle, Holy Mother. Save me.

[scene change:]

Luisa Huertas: Friday at 2 in the morning. Bring double the amount that you gave me.

[scene change:]

Huertas: Right on time, Father. As you should be. And the girl? Don’t tell me she chickened out? Too bad, Father. Straight ahead, straight ahead. Take the next turnoff to the left. It’s all very clean. It’s a hospital.

Bernal: Wait. I want to talk to the doctor.

Huertas: You can’t go in. I’ll take care of it.

Bernal: I have to see the place.

Huertas: No. The money.

Bernal: Come, come, Amelita. Everything will be fine. Ask God to watch over you.

Talancon: Pray for me, okay?

Huertas: Come, Amelia, come. Come, child.

Bernal: I’ll be here, I’ll be here. […]

Huertas: A hemorrhage! It won’t stop!

nurses: We’re treating her, get out! You can’t take her!

Bernal: Out of my way! She’ll bleed to death! […]

doctor: Go straight. In Santa Marta… there is a good hospital.

[Amelia dies while en route to the hospital]

Veronica Langer: Poor little girl. Imagine that.

Pedro Armendariz Jr.: What happened?

Veronica: Well, it turns out that Ruben… Don Paco’s son, got her pregnant. Imagine that.

Pedro: What a b######.

Veronica: Well, the poor thing was desperate. She went to one of those horrid clinics to get rid of the baby. Father Amaro, who is a saint… I don’t know how he did it, went to save her.

Pedro: Did he save her?

Veronica: He got her out of there and took her to a hospital in Santa Marta. But the poor thing had already bled to death.

Pedro: And she died?

Veronica: Yes, she died.

Pedro: How awful.

Veronica: Gordo, you have to close those clinics down. Today, okay?


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EL CRIMEN DEL PADRE AMARO is an anti-Christian, anti-Catholic melodrama from Mexico. The local bishop assigns a young priest, Father Amaro, to a rural parish to get some seasoning. There, the priest finds out that, not only is the middle-aged parish priest having a long-term affair with a woman, he also accepts loads of illegal drug money to help fund a hospital. When a newspaper writes about the drug money, the bishop orders Father Amaro to lie about the hospital funding to the newspaper’s editor.

Faced with all the corruption surrounding him, Father Amaro decides to give into the sexual advances of the daughter of the parish priest’s mistress. She becomes pregnant, however, so Amaro forces her to get an abortion, but the abortion is botched. At her funeral, the parish priest walks out in disgust as the ambitious Amaro leads the funeral service.

Although the parish priest repents of his own fornication, this movie presents a totally corrupt Roman Catholic church. Not only are the leaders corrupt, so also are the parishioners. According to the story, the only good Catholic in the movie is a priest who works with peasants in the countryside. This priest, however, believes in Marxist liberation theology and sees nothing wrong in getting an abortion, despite what his church, and the Bible, clearly teaches about the sanctity of innocent life. The movie excuses the immoral fornication between the church leaders and the parishioners. Being lonely is a bigger sin, the movie suggests. The most offensive part of the movie, however, may be the fervent prayers to God that Amaro and his mistress make just before she goes to see the abortionist.

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