A Perfect Fit

80. A Perfect Fit (2005) [Rated R for language, some violence and sexuality.]

summary from imdb.com:

A psychological drama about an unstable man, tormented by nightmares, who seeks help from a shrink but is pushed over the edge into increasingly dangerous, psychotic territory by a relationship he is unable to control.

written/directed by: Ron Brown

starring: Adrian Grenier, Leila Arcieri

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Non-Conservative Reviews

Abortion/Life Content:

Leila Arcieri: John, I’m pregnant. John, did you hear me? I said, I’m pregnant. Or at least… I think I am. If I’m reading this thing right.

[Adrian Grenier shrieks, chucks eggs at the wall, and runs out of the room.]

Leila: John… John, can we talk about this? John, things don’t always have to go the way you planned. John… John… I have to go to work. John… JOHN! JOHN!!!

Adrian Grenier: Sarah… Sarah…

Leila Arcieri: What are you doing?

Adrian: Listen to me, please. I am so sorry.

Leila: John.

Adrian: I’m sorry. Please forgive me?

Leila: I forgive you.

Adrian: ohhhh, I love you. I want this child. *kissy* *kissy* I want you to be ?mine? for both of us. I want to be a good father. and a good husband.

Leila: Oh, John.

Adrian Grenier: Where’ve you been? I’ve been waiting here for hours.

Leila Arcieri: You scared me.

Adrian: You scared ME.

Leila: I’m a big girl, John… You don’t need to worry about me every minute of the day.

Adrian: Where were you?

Leila: I had a doctor’s appointment about the baby.

Adrian: But we don’t have an appointment scheduled until next week.

Leila: I was having pains. I’m okay. You don’t have to worry about me.

Adrian: I DO worry about you. And my child that you’re carrying.

Leila: I’m going to bed.

Leila: Ever since you moved in, I don’t know, it seems like we’ve lost some of the romance.

Adrian: Romance.

Leila: I just need time to think about where we’re heading.

Adrian: Where we’re heading?

Leila: Yeah.

Adrian: Time to think?

Leila: Yes.

Adrian: I thought I knew where we were heading. I thought we were heading towards marriage. I thought we were heading towards a family. Did you forget there’s a baby? Did you have time to think about that? HAVE YOU?

Leila: Yes, John.

Adrian: Well that’s good. It’s good to know you’re a thinking person.

Leila: John. John!

Adrian: I’m here. I’m not the one who’s leaving.

Leila: There’s something else that I should tell you. Yesterday? I had an abortion.

Adrian Grenier: I don’t want to hear you scream. ‘Cause birth involves screaming. Death, on the other hand, should be a quiet thing. Open your eyes. Open your eyes. C’mon, OPEN YOUR EYES!! I wanna see the pain in your eyes when I take your life. Just like you did to my baby. […]

Polly Draper: Stop while you still can, John. Please don’t do this. Please stop while no harm’s been done.

Adrian Grenier: No harm’s been done? No harm’s been done?? What about my baby? She killed my baby. She’s a murderer. You killed my baby. what kind of a mother are you? And you told her to.

Polly: No.

Adrian: Yes, you did. She told you to, didn’t she? Didn’t she? Didn’t she?

Adrian Grenier: You killed my baby. Why don’t you just kill me.

Leila Arcieri: I think we should call Dr. Weiss.

Adrian: She can’t help us anymore. Take the gun. Take it.

Leila: John, this has been hard for both of us.

Adrian: Take the ####ing gun. Shoot me! Finish the job. Shoot me. Shoot me!

Leila: I’m sorry. I lied to you.

Adrian: Do it. Okay, you first.

Leila: NO!!

Adrian: I know you can do it.

Leila: Listen to me, John. I lied. I lied to you. I didn’t have an abortion. I’m sorry.

Adrian: It’s all been lies.

Leila: No. No, not this time, I swear.

Adrian: We can’t escape it.

Leila: No, John.

Adrian: We can’t.

[Adrian gets shot]

[Leila goes in to see the brand new cooing baby]


from Terror Hook Review:

A PERFECT FIT, brings the viewer into the life of John Totterson, a man whom seems perfectly normal on the outside but he has old memories that still haunt him. When John was only 2 years old he was taken from his Mother, and then, from there was placed in various foster homes. All of the happenings of John’s childhood, has since scarred him emotionally and he is left with a feeling of emptiness. It is by his one suggestion, and with the help of his psychiatrist, Dr. Weiss, he feels like he should find a significant other to help fill this void, and low and be hold, that he does. It is not soon after that suggestion that he meets Sarah, Sarah just so happens to drop by to pick up a computer modem, at the electronic store in which John worked. John was really taken by Sarah’s beauty, but before he could act on his urges, she was gone. Determined to once again meet up with what he called “The Girl Of his Dreams” John, with a little investigation tracks her down again in a chat room, and sparks fly. Without knowing each other’s identity, they meet blindly and Sarah is shocked and both pleased that John had found her. The two then forge a relationship that in the beginning seems perfect, but soon John’s memories come back, even one of sexual abuse by his foster father, thus causes sexual frustration in his newly found love life and he slowly begins to push Sarah away. To add fuel to the fire, Sarah some becomes pregnant and this drives John to the edge and he becomes overly possessive and aggressive with Sarah and those around her. Fearing for her life and safety, she tells John that she has had the birth aborted, this news sending John into a tailspin leads both Sarah and John into an ultimate struggle as John’s fear of abandonment comes front and center once again.

When I saw that in this film, ENTOURAGE star Adrian Grenier, plays an unstable and emotionally tormented man, I said to myself “can he pull it off?” Not long into the film, that answer was answered for me, with an astounding yes. Grenier, portrays the kind of guy that exists in just about everywhere, a young troubled man, who has had a rough life, and needs the one and only solution to fix themselves, something they one lost….and in most cases, love and affection. In the film you get the feeling that John is on the edge and potentially dangerous, but deep down, beneath the surface of it all lies a kind soul. Adrian Grenier, does a fine job of making this personality shine to a believability that is somewhat so real it’s scary at times.

While the majority of us(I hope) are nice folks on the internet, this film shows us exactly why we are often warned about safety online, you just never know who you will meet. In the film, the character of Sarah, by recommendation of a co-worker Naively tries her hand at online dating and meets a guy. whom she deems perfect, ultimately becomes too perfect, and over overbearingly intense and soon he takes over her life, a scary situation, that could very well happen in real life, and in my opinion a film like A PERFECT FIT displays this perfectly.

A PERFECT FIT, also adds the element of getting inside, the main character John’s mental state, in the form of dreams/flashbacks. In these flashbacks, he strangely fantasizes about slitting his doctor’s throat, for what reasons we never know, as all she has done is help him. To me this was a great way to show, just potent John could be if driven over the edge – thus making us feel more danger about him.

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