86. MacGruber (2010) [Rated R for strong crude and sexual content, violence, language and some nudity.]

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Ex-special operative MacGruber is called back into action to take down his archenemy, Dieter Von Cunth, who’s in possession of a nuclear warhead and bent on destroying Washington, D.C.

directed by: Jorma Taccone

starring: Will Forte, Kristen Wiig, Ryan Phillippe, Val Kilmer, Powers Boothe, Maya Rudolph, Rhys Coiro, Gregory Alan Williams

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Conservo-Libertarian Reviews:
Darin Miller at Big Hollywood
John P. Hanlon at Big Hollywood
Kyle Smith
Kurt Loder
Parcbench Christian reviews

Abortion/Life Content: [have to wait until dvd released]


‘MacGruber’: SNL’s Latest Makes Light of Abortion
by Darin Miller at Big Hollywood:

If you watched the preview you’ve already seen some of the most intelligent humor in the film, and the least offensive. After a few minutes of light humor surrounding MacGruber’s impressive military accomplishments, the film dives into a manure heap of male nudity, jokes on homosexuality and sex noises and even a light reference to abortion on demand.

The opening credits roll to an orchestrated version of MacGruber’s SNL theme song, complete with an added line: “We made a f—ing movie—MacGruber!” That sums up the film. Everyone involved knew just how ridiculous the film idea was—much like “Snakes on a Plane,” though far less enjoyable—and made the film as extreme as possible. Unfortunately this rarely involved humor other than naked men (there’s a lot of MacGruber’s butt, with a celery stalk occasionally wiggling from it—which he later eats), jokes about going to the bathroom (which can be tolerated in moderation, but this film does not deal in moderation) and—I believe most perverse—an easy conversation making light of an abortion.

MacGruber is telling the story of why Cunth hates him. They used to be friends, but then, while Cunth was engaged to Casey, MacGruber and Casey started having an affair. They fell in love. Casey was pregnant with Cunth’s baby, but MacGruber asked her to “terminate the pregnancy. Which she did,” he says nonchalantly. This conversation is sandwiched in between a conversation about going to the bathroom and a joke about eating food out of people’s butts on one end, and a comic action sequence on the other, and is in no way meant to be a serious moment.

Even pro-abortionists, like Daily Mail columnist Jan Moir, see abortion as a significant decision. Writing of television advertisements on abortion in England, easily more serious than the MacGruber reference, she says, “It is the throwaway nonchalance that so offends; as if an abortion was just another lifestyle choice to be pondered over in … commercial breaks…” Or for MacGruber, as if abortion was on the level with, say, going to the bathroom.

from CanMag:

Just when it’s getting stupid, it gets really edgy and dirty. You just won’t believe where it goes, and that’s comedy. It plays abortion jokes with total sincerity.


MacGruber claims he doesn’t know why Cunth killed his wife. Then, he confesses to having had sex with Casey even though she was still Cunth’s girlfriend when they were all friends in college. He eventually got the girl pregnant and convinced her to have an abortion.


When a screenwriter resorts to making abortion the subject of a joke, Catholic viewers at least can be certain he has hit the comic skids. And so it proves with director and co-writer Jorma Taccone’s “MacGruber” (Rogue), the consistently vulgar, intermittently gruesome expansion of a recurring “Saturday Night Live” skit that Taccone penned with Will Forte and John Solomon.

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