Series 7

97. Series 7 (2001) [Rated R for strong violent content and language.]

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A TV program selects people at random to kill one another for fame and their freedom.

written/directed by: Daniel Minahan

starring: Brooke Smith, Merritt Wever, Glenn Fitzgerald, Will Arnett

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Abortion/Life Content:

Narrator, Will Arnett: Previously, on The Contenders.

Brooke Smith: All I can allow myself to think about is my baby. There’s nothing that I won’t do for my baby. It’s that simple.

Arnett: With 10 kills in only 2 tours, she’s been unstoppable. Now, one month before the birth of her child, just 5 lives stand between her and her freedom.

Brooke: I try not to think about it too much because I just have to get through this.

Arnett: Dawn Lagarto: Mother. Hero. Contender.

Narrator, Will Arnett: With 5 opponents to battle, and a baby due at any moment, the clock is ticking for America’s longest reigning Contender and the tiny life inside her.

Brooke Smith: Okay, so what’s the story?

Joseph Barrett: You’re getting very close to the time you might labor. Your baby’s dropped into the birth canal. You’re already 3 centimeters dilated. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re early.

Brooke: Well… how early? like… when?

Joseph: Oh, I have no idea. Could be… any day now… Could be a month. That part’s still in the hands of God.

Brooke Smith: Please just say you’ll take my baby. It’s not for me, it’s for the baby.

Jennifer Van Dyck: You have some nerve. Waltzing in here 15 years later and asking for favors.

Brooke: Y’know, I came back for your first wedding, remember, Laura?

Tanny McDonald: Yes, and you wouldn’t even shave your armpits for your own sister’s wedding. We all remember that.

Brooke: This is not about my armpits. Why don’t we just say what this is really about, okay? You still can’t forgive me because I had an abortion. That’s right, in high school I had an abortion and she threw me out. There, it’s out.

Jennifer: That’s enough, Dawn. You’re embarrassing your mother in front of the whole country.

Nada Despotovich: Tony, please, give me the baby and let us go. Don’t make me do this.

Michael Kaycheck: I’m not gonna let you take my kids away.

Nada: They’re not your kids. You never adopted them.

Michael: Hey! Alexis is my daughter!

Nada: No, she isn’t.

Michael: What’s that supposed to mean?

Brooke Smith: Look, I’m just doing what anybody else in my position would do with a kid on the way. I mean, what did they call me in the paper the other day? Bloody mama? […]

Marylouise Burke: She’s unprincipled. She has no morality that I can see.

Michael Kaycheck: That kid should be stripped from her loins right now. God should come down and do it Himself. […]

Merritt Wever: I think Dawn is intimidating… and scary… and pregnant.

Marylouise: She’s unkempt. She has no faith. I think she’s a soulless creature.

Brooke Smith: Listen to me. I don’t wanna do this kinda thing. I have a baby on the way. I know you can understand that. I have to.

Marylouise Burke: Yeah, 911? I gotta woman out of Contender here, ready to give birth.

Brooke Smith: I can’t, Connie. I’m gonna have the baby right now. […]

Marylouise: 5 minutes ago, you were gonna kill me. Now you want me to play midwife? I should shoot you.

Brooke: But we’re talking about an innocent unborn baby, here.

Marylouise: Okay, I’m gonna save the child’s life. But then you’re dead. […]

Brooke: Just pull it out!!

Marylouise: People like you shouldn’t be allowed to have children. You should be sterilized. […]

Brooke: #### you, you don’t even know me!!

Marylouise: well I know that you don’t even use contraception.

Brooke: Crazy #####!

Marylouise: No, what’s crazy is that then you go right onto welfare and they reward you for having illegitimate children. So have a few more, why not?

Brooke Smith: I think to separate a mother from her child is the worst thing you could do to anybody. And it hurts physically. It’s worse than any physical pain I’ve ever experienced.

Brooke Smith: They’ve got my baby. For me to get her back, I have to play this game. He knows that. I mean, it’s not like I want to do it, but he said he would. And he’s dying anyway.

Will Arnett: It’s amazing that Dawn is up at all. She’s still weak after giving birth only hours ago. If Dawn can do this, she will be free. And be reunited with her newborn child.


from wikipedia:

Five new contestants are selected in a seemingly random lottery and, along with the winner of the previous series, comprise the six Contenders. Each series of The Contenders is played in the limits of a chosen city or town. Contenders are given a gun, though they may acquire other weapons, and the last one left alive is the winner. Contestants are forced to play the game, regardless of whether they desire to. A contender who wins three tours of the game is freed from it.

The film purposely leaves many key details unexplained, as the viewer is supposed to be watching only what the creators actually aired in the fictional TV show. How the show became so powerful as to randomly select people to be killed is unexplained, but all the Contenders seem to treat it as something they cannot control.

Series 7 is set in Newbury, Connecticut which happens to be the hometown of Dawn Lagarto. She is the longest reigning contender the show has ever seen. She has won two tours, and just needs to win one more to be set free. Dawn is eight months pregnant, and hopes to win the game for her baby. […]

Most unusually, Dawn and Jeffrey already know each other. They were high school sweethearts who broke up after Dawn became pregnant and had an abortion and Jeffrey came to believe he was gay. Jeffrey, now married to a woman, and Dawn meet and the terminally ill Jeffrey agrees to allow Dawn to kill him.

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